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Clean Plate Victory

In a busy pandemic facing world, meal makers have been faced with an impossible task to provide their families with meals that the whole family will enjoy. Where each family tends to have a few go-to meals; they end up looking for meals that are fool-proof, quick, and easy to throw together after a long day. 

With a variety of flavours that you can incorporate into your kitchen that will give off the expectation of eating out; VH provides it's consumers with meal-time options and flavours inspired from around the world that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. With an emphasis on the appeal of food when covered in VH sauces, PSBX makes sure to highlight how easy and delicious meal time can be when paired with VH.

With video, digital, and social content, PSBX highlighted the great tasting food and appeal of VH meals, while reminding consumers how quickly a meal is consumed when prepared with VH Sauces. Proudly prepared in Canada, VH sauces disappear just moments after touching your plate. Clean plate victory - guaranteed. 

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