Orville's 50th

Orville Redenbacher dedicated his life to perfecting a lighter, fluffier popcorn for the whole family to enjoy - and it paid off. It has been a big part of family tradition for generations, still continued today as the number 01 popcorn brand and market leader. With a constant focus on perfecting the recipe of the best quality popping corn that the world has ever seen, Orville Redenbacher prided himself on being a wholesome snack for the entire family. 

For the 50th anniversary of our family-loved popcorn, we wanted to celebrate Orville's incredible milestone as a true experience for millions of Canadians! The brand program leveraged TV partnerships, PR, Online, and In-Store activations to celebrate 50 years of Orville popcorn! 

Creatively, we decided to lean into the importance of family time by pairing two classic favourites; movies and popcorn. After all, Orville truly is the snack of movie nights in Canada. Coming together for February, to celebrate both family day and family movie time; we gifted thousands of movie codes across social media and that wasn't even everything! In an effort to continue the celebration over the. years, Orville offered a special-edition, personalized popcorn bowl with the purchase of Orville Redenbacher products. 

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