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Healthy Choice prides itself on providing complete meals that are quick, easy, and especially healthy. Providing consumers with full meals that are ready to go whenever you need them, while still being flavour-packed and delicious. 

Our Healthy Choice consumers are go-getters. They feel energized by pushing the limits of their abilities, always operating at 110%, and experiencing life to the fullest. 

Now where do we come into that? By making our consumers feel Unstoppa-Bowl, they have the opportunity to live the healthy life that they crave in a convenient-for-them way. Knowing that there are healthy options in the freezer allows them to eat healthy on the main meals of the day, and makes them feel better about splurging on junk food every now and then. Our creative has a focus on the kaleidoscope of flavours that are punched into one meal, showcasing that you really can have excellent taste in a quick and heathy meal. With a brand refresh, PSBX packed all of the incredible flavours into a brilliant new design! From Gourmet Steamers to Power Bowls, with Healthy Choice you will feel Unstoppa-Bowl.  

Power Bowls

Healthy Choice Refresh

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