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For the launch of Gardein's highly anticipated Suprême plant-based burger, we wanted to meet the demands of modern health living by providing consumers plant-based burger alternatives at a suprême quality. 

We encouraged awareness and trial on Gardein's new Suprême burger for consumers who are interested in exploring plant-based options. By offering Gardein Suprême Burgers that look and taste just like (or even better than) a traditional burger, consumers can have more delicious grilling choices. 

Launching in Spring 2021. we encouraged trial of Gardein's deliciously plant-based Suprême Burgers. Consumers were made aware across platforms that Gardein Suprême Burgers are not only mouth-watering and meatless, but also still have that satisfying sizzle of a typically grilled burger. 

Deliciously Plant Based

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