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Who We Are

Ensemble was founded in 2017, with the goal of creating learning experiences for the next generation of leaders. For thinkers, creatives, and entrepreneurs looking to learn and grow through experiences with like-minded individuals. Since the first Ensemble event in May 2017, audiences and sales have steadily increased from volume to volume. 

In 2018, Ensemble played to sold-out rooms and added live social and podcast elements to a constantly expanding content library. In 2020, we had to step back from a live series, and pivot towards a completely digital series of events and speakers. The results: outstanding. We have now grown Ensemble's audience on a national scale making it even more possible to grow the next generation of emerging leaders. As we grow, we are collaborating with companies and brands to develop and expand upon our custom learning experiences. 

Learn about our upcoming Volume below! 


Global music sales grew for the 6th consecutive year with total revenues topping $21.6 billion in 2020 with streaming asserting itself as the dominant medium for listening, growing revenue 18.5% last year alone and new players abound looking to appeal to everyone from audiophiles to the casual fan.  


At the same time, the industry continues to fine-tune the live experience model while emerging from a pandemic where groups of less than 5 being permitted to gather in most of the world has put a damper on the concert scene, to say the least.  


Artists like Taylor Swift are redefining the conversation around rights while the search for new forms of revenue marches on unimpeded with players like TikTok emerging with a creator-centric strategy putting pressure on other digital content platforms while the spectre of the blockchain and the vaunted NFT linger as consumers decide if they’ll define the industry of the future or be forgotten faster than a one-hit-wonder.

Join us as we deliver a Volume of conversations and connections to peel back the layers of a complex conversation about one of life’s most simple pleasures.  


Trust us - you’re not going to want to skip any of these tracks.


The Future of Well-Being

This volume explores the universal concept of calm and enhancing your well-being. Learn new methods on how to stretch your body, mind, and spirit hosted by your friends at Per Se Brand Experience. 


The Future of Learning

This volume explores the experience of learning and showcases the shift in learning through the online world. From new possibilities to challenges this episode goes through the evolution of learning in an online facing world. 

The Future of Work

This volume explores how businesses and people have been finding new ways to thrive with a level of innovation and ingenuity that will benefit long after we've heard the last of the effects from the Covid-19 pandemic in the very first-ever virtual Ensemble. 


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