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You Are Your Space

Cresa Toronto came to us with an interesting goal. That goal being to be positioned as the trusted real estate partner for business-first success. 

A business's success comes down to multiple different factors, but in this instance the most important factor is their space. At the end of the day, more than the logo, brand colours, or mission statement; nothing encapsulates what a company truly is more than its space. 

In Cresa's opinion, a solid space for your business defines a multitude of things: An idea on your growth patterns and trends, the size of space necessary for your needs, the importance of emerging technology and security, and the likeliness of both attracting and retaining employees. 

Where does PSBX come into this? By defining businesses by the space they occupy, you can truly understand a brand's culture, growth trajectory, and profitability. Cresa's 'You are Your Space' positioning ensures that businesses will see their whole self in their space. Instead of positioning Cresa as a company that will sell you real estate, we positioned them as a company set out to help businesses define their needs and highlight Cresa towards being a market leader. 

The 'You are Your Space' content program illustrates how productive your team will be and truly encompasses the working environment of your business. 

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