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Brand Launch Summit

The ​Brand Launch Summit was developed for The Co-Operators internal audiences with an intention to rebrand the company in an evolutionary way. With these goals in mind, we chose to excite and motivate our colleagues as to why an evolution for The Co-Operators brand was important. 

To approach this brand evolution we need to rally awareness and excitement towards the possibilities of a rebrand while finding specific ways to attract each specific target audience;  Advisors, Contact Centre Staff & Supervisors, and Claim Staff. 

Where do we come into it? PSBX saw this evolution as an opportunity to create a completely virtual event designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive, while still maintaining a real human vibe - in specific ways for each opposing target audience. By developing a virtual presentation series, content and programming cycles, Per Se designed a way to introduce The Co-Operators updated brand evolution strategy to the key internal national audiences that make up The Co-Operators operational system. 

Through the success of this campaign, PSBX pushed the barriers of The Co-Operators internal teams, introduced the brand as an important contributor to business, and inspired the internal teams about the role that they play in delivering on this renewed brand promise. 

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