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We were proud to work with Angie's Boom Chicka Pop to develop and support the Canadian launch program and grow awareness for their premium snacks. Simply delicious ingredients, calorie transparency, whole grains, and bold flavours. Highlighting the health conscious snack food with their fun, vibrant, colourful, and playful packaging; Per Se had so many possible directions to go creatively. However, one idea kept coming back to us, and this concept was #Poptimism.  

Poptimism [pop-tuh-miz-uhm] is the unlimited potential for what a small kernel can become. There was no magic bean story. One kernel has the opportunity to transform into magical popcorn. Beyond the science of this kinetic marvel, Boom Chicka Pop flavours punch into the now popped-corn and transform into something even greater and more unexpected than ever before. 

Our creative approach celebrates the optimistic affirmations that people feel when snacking on our delicious popcorn paired with Angie's bright colours and packaging; after all, sometimes life happens, but popcorn helps. The world needs more #Poptimism and Boom Chicka Pop gives it's consumers the confidence to believe that a kernel-caterpillar will one day face a full transformation and become a uni-popcorn-butterfly. The results are unimaginably perfected with Angie's Boom Chicka Pop. We love being on team Boom Chicka Pop!

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